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  • ‘Keeping families and children in mind’ – An introductory course for mental health and allied health professionals. It supports practitioners to understand the impact of parental mental illness on the entire family and to recognise the benefits of a family-sensitive approach to working with parents experiencing mental illness.
    (RACGP QI and CPD Program Category 1: 40 points)
  • ‘Supporting infants and toddlers of parents with mental illness’ – For adult mental health professionals working with parents of young children where the parent has a mental illness.This course helps mental health workers to identify and intervene when their clients are parents who experience mental illness and have dependent children.
  • ‘Let’s talk about children’ – A brief, evidence-based method designed to assist mental health professionals and parents who experience mental illness to have a structured discussion about parenting and their child’s needs. (RACGP QI and CPD Program Category 1: 40 points)
  • ‘Family focus’ – An evidence-based, time-limited family intervention that aims to strengthen family communication, problem-solving and resilience. (RACGP QI and CPD Program Category 1: 40 points)
  • ‘Child Aware practice’ – Covers a range of activities designed to ensure that children of parents with mental illness get appropriate support from the services that are working with their parents and carers.
  • ‘Child Aware supervision’ – For supervisors of front-line staff in adult-focused health and social services, to support staff to develop ‘Child Aware’ practice.

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For use by families where a parent has a mental illness, their supporters, and services who work with them.