Working together with families and carers: Chief Psychiatrist’s Guideline


‘Clinical practice needs to be more sophisticated in the assessment of the role of family and others as carers and in their engagement in treatment and care so that it places appropriate value on the vital role that carers play in the recovery process. It establishes a partnership between clinicians and carers based on respect and recognition of carers perspectives and needs for information, education, skill development and support.’

The purpose of these guidelinesis to provide Australian mental health services with a framework in which to:

  • develop clinical practice standards
  • consider issues relevant to working with families and carers
  • establish expectations of mental health service clinicians in working with families and carers
  • clarify legislative and confidentiality provisions.
Department of Human Services, Victoria
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Department of Human Services, Victoria

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For use by families where a parent has a mental illness, their supporters, and services who work with them.