The First Touch Program is a five-session, evidence-supported program that helps parents to promote their baby’s mental health.

In the First Touch Program, parents have the opportunity to explore and learn about the ways in which their baby uses body language, sounds and other signals to communicate their needs.

Parents also learn how to use touch, massage, voice and movement to help support their baby’s ability to regulate and manage states of arousal.

The program is universal and open to anyone who is parenting a baby. For families who are experiencing challenges (such as postnatal depression, sleep and settling difficulties, premature birth, or other forms of stress) evidence shows the First Touch Program and its elements can help parents to reduce some of the key challenges and risks, and greatly infant and child mental health outcomes over the long term, especially when combined with other supports.

The First Touch Program is taught in a series of relaxed and unhurried workshops, in small, comfortable, non-judgemental and friendly group settings.

Groups are held continuously, in most parts of Australia. Babies with all temperaments are welcome in the sessions – including babies who are crying, unsettled, wriggly, sleepy, active or laid back.

Facilitators with current registration and certification, in various locations, are listed on the International Association of Infant Massage, Australia (IAIM) website (

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For use by families where a parent has a mental illness, their supporters, and services who work with them.