AMEND (Assisting Mothers End the Need for Drugs) Program, Child service – Burpengary-Waterford West and Gold Coast

Programs for children and youth of parents with a mental illness (peer support and education programs)

The AMEND Program provides an 18 session home-based relapse prevention and parenting enhancement program to pregnant and parenting women who experience problems related to their use of alcohol and other drugs.

The program also provides individual or group counselling and support to children aged 0-18 affected by a parent’s or caregiver’s substance use.

The AMEND Program is provided free of charge in the woman’s own home. Children may be seen at home, in the school setting or another suitable location.

The program consists of 18 sessions designed to teach mothers the skills to manage, reduce or stop their substance use while also addressing a range of contextual issues associated with relapse, such as parenting stress, relationship conflict, mental health problems, domestic violence, financial pressures, physical and sexual health problems, assertiveness, social isolation, grief and loss and trauma etc.

Clients must have problems related to their own substance use (past or present), be pregnant and/or have dependent children (whether or not they are in the care of others).

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