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Why Are You So Sad? A Child's Book About Parental Depression

  • Category:Book/Booklet

'When a parent experiences depression, children often feel sad and confused themselves. This interactive book can help by:

  • explaining depression and its treatment in child-friendly terms
  • reassuring children that their parents can get better
  • exploring the many feelings children usually have
  • helping children to understand and express their feelings
  • providing practical tips for coping with a parent's depression
  • showing children how they can feel better too.

Why Are You So Sad? contains a comprehensive and authoritative note to parents by therapists from the disciplines of clinical social work and clinical psychology.'


  • Author: Beth Andrews
  • Year: 2002
  • Access via: Online bookstore/Retail
  • Organisation: American Psychological Association
  • Country: United States
  • Website: Why Are You So Sad?
  • Email: magination@apa.org

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