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Parents with mental health issues: Consequences for children and effectiveness of interventions designed to assist children and their families

  • Category:Article/Report

'This report reviews research on the consequences for children of having a parent with mental health issues, and the effectiveness of strategies and interventions designed to support affected families.

The review aims to address the following key questions:

  • What is the evidence regarding parental mental health issues as a significant risk factor for child abuse and neglect?
  • What is the impact of parental mental health issues on children’s development?
  • What factors reduce or increase the likelihood of adverse consequences for children of parents with mental mealth issues?
  • What factors need to be taken into account when conducting a risk assessment in the context of parental mental health issues?
  • What effective strategies and interventions are available that will:
    • ensure the safety of children and provide support for them
    • support parents with a mental illness (including well-functioning parents where one parent only has a mental illness)
    • improve long-term outcomes for children?' (Excerpt from report)

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