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National Consumer and Carer Participation Policy: A Framework for the Mental Health Sector

  • Category:Book/Booklet

The National Consumer and Carer Forum (NCCF) has developed this policy as a guide to be used by all participants involved in mental health within the public, private and non-government sectors for the development and/or implementation of consumer and carer participation policies. This was done to reflect the content of the National Mental Health Plan 2003-2008, which has been endorsed by all Australian Governments. The Plan states:

Consumer and carer participation and partnership at all levels in policy, planning and treatment is a hallmark of a quality mental health system... However, participation at other policy and planning levels, and participation in service planning and delivery across the spectrum of care from promotion and prevention to recovery, has not yet been achieved.

The policy aims to cover all levels of participation, and includes consumer and carer input at individual, local, state, and national levels. Our hope is that all those involved in the mental health sector will either adopt in full or adapt this document to suit their local needs. The document is intended as an example of best practice for a consumer and carer participation policy.

  • Author: National Consumer and Carer Forum of Australia
  • Year: 2005
  • Access via: Web
  • Organisation: National Consumer and Carer Forum of Australia
  • Country: Australia
  • Website: View Framework

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