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Kids World Game - A Kid's Guide to Changing Families

  • Category:Website information

This game reassures older primary school aged children who are experiencing, or have gone through separation that it’s not their fault, they’re not alone and what they’re thinking or feeling is okay when their parents are separating.

It covers questions they may have about the separation the feelings they may have, the changes they experience or the legal matters they may hear their parents discuss. The game helps children understand what is happening, helping them find ways to cope and letting them know where they can go for help. Most importantly, the resource encourages them to talk about what they are experiencing with someone they trust.

Also includes a guide for grownups. The guide helps the child’s parent, grandparent, carer or trusted adult provide the right support through this difficult time.

  • Author: Australian Government
  • Access via: Web
  • Organisation: Australian Government
  • Country: Australia
  • Website: Kids World Game

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