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Can I Catch It Like A Cold? (Canada)

  • Category:Book/Booklet

This story book is for children 5–9 years and was developed in Canada. It helps to open discussion on depression, educating and reassuring children. The storyline and the illustrations reflect multicultural diversity, making these books highly accessible and relevant to a broad range of children.

This book tells the story of Alex and his struggle to understand his father’s problem with depression. Alex can’t understand why his father sits at home alone crying, instead of coming out to watch him play his   soccer. Alex soon discovers that his father has depression. Alex learns what causes depression, what treatments are available and how he can cope and live well while his father is unwell. He also learns that it’s not his fault that his father has depression.

  • Author: Gretchen Kelbaugh
  • Access via: Online bookstore/Retail
  • Organisation: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Country: Canada
  • Website: Can I catch it like a cold?

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