Privacy policy

COPMI's Privacy Policy is governed by our parent body The Australian Infant, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Association (AICAFMHA). For more information go to the AICAFMHA website.

COPMI email communication

The COPMI national initiative allows users to opt-in to receive the following email communications from us:

Users can subscribe to this monthly email delivery via a subscription form on the COPMI website, or have the option of adding themselves to the list when they order any free resources or register to join our eLearning training system.

  • Intermittent eLearning system emails

Users will receive emails via from the COPMI eLearning system after registration. These may be to update users on new courses, remind them about current courses started, or to deliver other information that may be relevant to their use of the system.

  • Monthly ‘eNews’ emails from AICAFMHA

Users can subscribe to receive monthly emails from our parent body (AICAFMHA) directly from the subscription form on the COPMI website, or have the option of adding themselves to the list when they order any free resources or register to join our eLearning training system.

User details collected for email communication will not be shared with any third parties. When users unsubscribe from a specific list, they will no longer receive communications of that type again. For example, if users choose to ‘unsubscribe’ from an eLearning system email, they will not be automatically unsubscribed from monthly eNews emails at the same time. Each list treats data separately.

Collection of information by AICAFMHA

AICAFMHA collect information about individuals and organisations to facilitate its networking function. Information is collected through membership applications, participant details from any events such as conferences, and through incidental contacts with individuals making requests for information and/or involvement with the association.

Information is primarily collected directly from an individual or organisation through their contact or correspondence with COPMI. AICAFMHA does not solicit unnecessary or irrelevant personal information.

Information collected by AICAFMHA falls into the following categories:

  • Contact details - name, address, phone, email, fax,
  • Professional interests - areas of expertise, interest, specialisation
  • Membership status - financial member status, previous membership status
  • Participation level - interest in active involvement in the association, special areas of interest for involvement
  • Email list subscription - email addresses subscribed to any of the AICAFMHA news or discussion lists

Use and disclosure of information

Information collected by AICAFMHA is generally used for the primary purposes of the association, that is, to facilitate networking of and sharing of information between individuals in the fields of infant, child, adolescent and family mental health.

From time to time, AICAFMHA receives requests from related organisations for details of individuals who may have an interest in a particular event, resource or such. Where practicable, AICAFMHA will undertake to distribute such details to its contacts on behalf of the requesting organisation. Where this is not possible, or practical, AICAFMHA may release information regarding contact details type to a requesting organisation on the understanding that this information is for the express purpose detailed in the request.

AICAFMHA members have the opportunity to 'opt out' of consenting to the release of any type of information when completing their membership application form. Where consent is withdrawn, information about events, resources and such will only be provided through AICAFMHA.

Non-members who wish to check whether AICAFMHA holds any personal information about them, or individuals wanting to withdraw consent for any release of details should contact the Association by email or by phoning 08 8367 0888.

Email addresses subscribed to any of the AICAFMHA news or discussion email lists are held solely by the Association and are not made available to any third party or organisation at any time.

Data quality

AICAFMHA endeavours to maintain an up-to-date database of contacts. Corrections to personal information of the contact details type are made annually. AICAFMHA contacts are invited to submit amendments to their contact details via the Association's website.

Data security

Personal information held by AICAFMHA is maintained on a non-networked secure computer in a secure office environment. Access to the AICAFMHA database is limited to AICAFMHA employees via a primary database manager. Email addresses subscribed to AICAFMHA news and discussion lists are held on a private secure server.

Individuals or organisations wanting additional information about AICAFMHA, the personal information it collects, access, security or any other details in this policy, should contact us by email or by phoning 08 8132 0786.

Access and correction

Individuals have a right of access to all the personal information that an organisation holds about them, although there are some exceptions.

Individuals wanting to access personal information held by AICAFMHA about them should contact the Association by email stating their request, or by phoning 08 8336 0837. Requests for personal information made in writing will receive a written response within 14 days for basic information. All other requests for information will be responded to within 30 days of the request.

Individuals seeking personal information must provide details to satisfy the Association that they are in fact the individual about which the personal information has been requested.

Individuals wanting to advise of corrections to their personal details can forward the relevant details to the Association by mail (PO Box 1010, North Adelaide, SA 5006), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phoning 08 8367 0888.


AICAFMHA does not collect any information relating to or including the use of Commonwealth government identifiers such as Medicare number, social services number etc.

AICAFMHA respects the wishes of individuals who want to remain anonymous to us. Where possible, the association will accommodate these wishes. Where anonymity is not possible, AICAFMHA undertakes to respect and maintain as confidential, the personal details disclosed to the Association.  

Website disclaimer

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