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Parents living with a mental illness

Many parents living with mental illness worry about their parenting ability. However most are great parents when appropriately equipped and supported.

tense woman with partnerIf you have children and experience a mental health issue, you may worry about how your illness might affect them. First, understand you are not alone as more than a million Australian children have a parent with a mental illness.

You might be aware that your child has a higher risk of developing a mental illness themselves. Genetic inheritance and other factors like attitudes and the family environment can affect their development and wellbeing. However, statistically, they have a greater chance of not developing a mental illness.

Nevertheless, your child can lead a happier, healthier life, if the illness is acknowledged and understood, if you seek supports (for yourself, and for your children) and if you can talk to them about the issues.

Read more here, if you're worried about your child's mental health.

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