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Family & Friends

Family and friends

Mental illness is more common than you realise…

One in five Australians will experience a mental illness at some stage in their life, and many experience more than one illness at any one time. Even though it's wide-spread, people know little about it and find it difficult to talk about.

Mental illness is widespread in Australia, yet most family members and friends know little about it when they first encounter these disorders, and find it difficult to talk about.

Just as people can be physically unwell, so can their minds. Just as there are different physical illnesses and treatments, there are different mental illnesses and treatments.

There is effective help

The illness is not only distressing for the person who's experiencing it, but the people living with or caring for them too. Learning about the illness, treatment and support can really help.

Family, extended family and friends can take heart that most people struggling with mental illness can recover and lead fulfilling lives when they get appropriate help and support.

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