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The importance of being ‘Dad’

Dads offer stability and reassurance to children, particularly when there's 'a lot going on'.

As a father you are a role model, a comforter, a care-giver, confidant, and a problem solver – even if that’s as simple as putting a band aid on a knee. Most kids say they love the fun Dads bring to their lives. Being involved in your kid’s life has a huge impact on their social, psychological and educational development.

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On the following web pages you will find practical information and advice for Dads who have (or have partners who have) a mental illness. This information will help dad be the best he can for his kids.

Watch the videos to hear from dad's about their experiences and some of the techniques they've developed to build better relationships with their children.

Download or print the information sheets (at right) for more detailed information and practical tips.

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