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Personal Stories

We know it's difficult living with mental illness - whether it is your own, or your partners. We hope you may find small comfort in knowing you are not alone in dealing with its challenges.

COPMI has collected some personal stories from parents, their children, and carers. Thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to submit their story and share their experiences.

As you read the stories, please be aware that these are people’s personal experiences of living with mental illness. They are intended to give you a glimpse into other people’s lives and to help people who have similar experiences recognise they are not alone. The stories should not be read as definitive descriptions of mental illness and are not intended to be for educational purposes.

In keeping with COPMI’s policy of valuing the lived experience of everyone living with mental illness the stories may have been edited for clarity but have not been censored.

Please be aware that the content of these stories may include descriptions of trauma or abuse.


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