COPMI - Children of Parents with a Mental Illness - Keeping families in mind

What you need to know

So you have a parent with a mental illness…  
It can be tough - but the info in this section can help you get your head around it.

Check it out

There are some things you really need to know – check out the fun YouTube messages below.
Then go to all the information you need about mental illness (on the RIGHT!) - including how to cope with it and what you can do to help your parents and yourself.

  • Message 1

  • You are not alone – there are other young people who have a parent with a mental illness.
  • Message 2

  • You didn’t cause your parent’s illness - and it’s not up to you to make them better.
  • Message 3

  • Mental illness is just like a physical illness – anyone can have one.
  • Message 4

  • It’s good to find out about your parents illness - and it’s ok to ask questions.
  • Message 5

  • It’s ok to talk about how you feel. Don’t push it aside.
  • Message 6

  • It’s good to have someone to talk with – make sure it’s someone you can trust.
  • Message 7

  • Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about mental illness.
  • Message 8

  • It’s ok to have feelings and be angry, frustrated or upset.
  • Message 9

  • It’s good to take time out to do something you enjoy. It’s not selfish.
  • Message 10

  • You have a right to feel safe. Make a list of people you can call.




Need to talk to someone?

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