COPMI - Children of Parents with a Mental Illness - Keeping families in mind

Take time out

It might help to read this with an adult.

When things are bad at home it can help to take time out…


Time out

Try one of these things


  • Go outside and take a walk or hug a tree

  • Go outside and kick a ball

  • Listen to some music in your room

  • Read your favourite book

  • Do some drawing or art

  • Dance around your room to your favourite music!

  • Go to our cool fun stuff and spend some time there

  • Read about other kids stories

  • Play some computer games

  • Build a cubby house

  • Run and hide for a bit and be by yourself

  • Yell your feelings into a pillow

  • Talk to your dog or cat – they can be very understanding!

  • Talk to someone like a friend, or Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty or Uncle (see getting help for more ideas)

  • Chat to your brother or sister


If you want more in-depth info go to the Teenagers/Young Adults section.


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