COPMI - Children of Parents with a Mental Illness - Keeping families in mind

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Girl in pool

Cool stuff

Dogs Underwater!

Baby Panda Sneezing – funny!

Colouring in - print your favourite TV show characters to colour in!

ABC Kids - videos, games and lots more

Koolta – hip hop clip about having a parent with a mental illness

Ok Go – music clip of amazing domino effect!

Danny Macaskill – cool bike riding

Amazing Beatboxing

Kids Helpline has games, activities and polls!

Videos - about having a parent with a mental illness

The Hobbit name generator

You have a secret Hobbit name – reveal it here!

Right Brain vs Left Brain Test

Do you use the right or left-hand side of your brain more? Find out!

Quizzes & Games

Yes – computers can read your mind! Check out this cool brain teaser game.

Circle the Cat… hours of fun, smart cat!

Lots and lots and lots of games!

Sick of the computer? Why not build a cubby house?

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Koolta: rapping about parental mental Illness

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