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Effective participation

How to involve people with lived experience of mental illness

Involving parents with a mental illness, their partners, children and carers in the planning, delivery and evaluation of COPMI materials is our priority. We know that first-hand knowledge and experience is necessary to ensure what we are creating is going to work. 

We’ve found our partnerships with people with lived experience are highly effective and they are now a critical element of everything we do. Whilst we are continually working on how to do it better, we think we’re pretty good at involving people with lived experience and are keen to share the strategies we’ve found so effective by making them available on this page.

Watch our video below on involving people with lived experience (often referred to as consumers and carers) in your work.

Checklists and guidelines

Start by being organised and develop policies, checklists and guidelines. COPMI have a number of checklists and policies to involve people with lived experience (often referred to as consumers and carers).

Engaging with stories

By sharing stories about their participation experiences, people with lived experience (and those organisations working with them) provide valuable information, guidance and advice to other organisations and people with lived experience (often referred to as consumers and carers).

We are capturing stories of ‘lived experience participation' on a prepared template and would love to hear your story!

Add your story online 

*Please remember to acknowledge and respect other’s intellectual property where it features in your story.

View stories of lived experience participation

Self advocacy

Whether you want to create a new group, make an existing one stronger, or raise the profile of consumers and carers through the media, the following links are sure to help.

Youth participation

Youth participation allows young people to have a role in an organisation where their opinions are valued. The following AICAFMHA report and fact sheets are targeted towards youth participation:

The Commissioner for Children and Young People in WA has developed Participation Guidelines for Involving Children and Young People

Policies and standards

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