COPMI - Children of Parents with a Mental Illness - Keeping families in mind

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The involvement of people with lived experience is an essential component of strengthening the work we do.

Group of Carers

Who can help

If you are a parent with a mental illness or a partner, child, carer or other family member of a parent with a mental illness you might consider what you can offer with your experience.



We seek to engage people from diverse populations, including:

  • Parents with a mental illness.
  • Spouses of a parent with a mental illness.
  • Children, young people and adult children of a parent with a mental illness.
  • Carers of a child (under 18 years) who has a parent with a mental illness (such as grandparents, carers, foster carers, siblings).
  • People from diverse backgrounds (eg. from Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, rural and regional, single parent, foster carer and grandparent groups).
  • Many people will offer knowledge and experience from more than one perspective.

We value your input

The people with lived experience who participate in our work have highly valued roles within COPMI. We acknowledge their value and input and always strive to incorporate their perspectives and understanding which they have gained through their lives. We use this valuable input to enhance our own knowledge and include it in our information and resources. 

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