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Translated Publications

The following translated resources are for use with and by families where a parent has a mental illness

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Translated booklets

The Best For Me and My Baby

This booklet was developed with and for women with a mental health problem or mental illness (and their partners) who are thinking about having a baby, are new parents or are about to have a baby.

It encourages health professionals and parents to work together to manage mental health during pregnancy and early parenthood and provides tips for parents and for supporting family and friends.


Family Talk

Developed in partnership with families and young people, this booklet contains tips and information for parents with mental health problems, their children, other family members and support people.

Topics include answering questions, discussing things as a family and planning for times when the parent may be unwell. Also included are 'press out' cards for children and young people to use to record their important phone numbers.


Piecing the Puzzle Together: Raising young people when mental illness is part of your life

This booklet is for people living with a mental health problem or mental illness, whose children are aged between 2 and 7 years. It’s also for partners, family and friends.

It contains helpful ideas about being the best parent you can when you’re not as well as you’d like to be and ways to support your child’s development during their special early years.
*A detachable Care Plan Folder is also available.

Arabic information sheet for dads

Translated information sheets

For dads with kids in mind

Download the series of six information sheets for dads living with mental illness.

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