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National Conferences

Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders Conference (South Australia)
Prevention: Evidence, Challenges and Opportunities
2 December 2014

Healthier Kids: Insights from Twin Research (Victoria)
5 December 2014

Australian Early Development Census National Conference (South Australia)
Bridging the Divide
18 February 2015

The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Summer Forum 2015 (New South Wales)
Men's Mental Health: Building a Healthier Future
19-20 February 2015

Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference (Queensland)
Addiction 2015: Alcohol, Other Drugs and Behavioural Addictions
4-6 March 2015

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 2015 Congress (Queensland)
Measurers + Thinkers
3-7 May 2015

Child Aware Approaches Conference (Victoria)
Innovations in Early Intervention, Community Collaboration and Partnership Beyond the Child and Family Welfare Sector
18-19 May 2015

The Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference (Queensland)
Alcohol - Other Drugs - Behavioural Addictions: Prevention, Treatment and Recovery
20-22 May 2015

13th National Rural Health Conference (Northern Territory)
People Places Possibilities
24-27 May 2015

Coming Together for Australia's Children 2015 (Tasmania)
Creating Conditions for Children to Flourish
24-26 June 2015 

No 2 Bullying Conference 2015 (Queensland)
Bullying - Policy, Prevention and Management Strategies
29-30 June 2015

The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Conference 2015 (Canberra)
Translating Best Practice into Reality
25-28 August 2015

The Australasian Marce Society 2015 Conference (South Australia)
22-24 October 2015



International Conferences

14th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (New Zealand)
Cultural Responsiveness in a Multi-Agency World
29 March - 1 April 2015

International Society on Early Intervention Conference (Sweden)
Children's Rights and Early Intervention
8-10 June 2016

COPMI-related training

COPMI - Keeping Families and Children in Mind eLearning Course
Available online

COPMI - Family Focus eLearning Course (for mental health professionals only)
Available online

COPMI - Child Aware Supervision Course (for supervisors of front-line staff in adult-focussed health and social services)
Available online

COPMI - Let's Talk About Children eLearning Course (for mental health professionals only)
Available online

Families Preventing and Overcoming Depression - Family Talk Course
Available online

Social Care Institute for Excellence (UK) - Parental Mental Health and Families eLearning Course 
Available online

University of New England - Graduate Certificate in Integrated Early Childhood Service Delivery
Available online

COPMI - Family Focus Training (New South Wales) (for mental health professionals only)
2 December 2014

Introductory Certificate in Perinatal Mental Health Course (Adelaide)
29 April - 1 July 2015


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