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SA, Marion and Playford - Family By Family

Organisation: Family By Family
Suburb: Marion and Playford
State: SA
Country: Australia
Telephone: (08) 7325 4949
Mobile: 0422 866 654
Program Activity:

Family By Family is a network of families helping families.

Family By Family links up families with things in common to change the things they want to change. Families who have been through tough times and come out the other side are linked to families that have things they want to change.


  • You choose what you want to change.
  • You choose who you want to link-up with.
  • You choose places to go, people to meet and things to talk about. 

Dr Gill Westhorpe from Community Matters has been undertaking an evaluation of Family by Family, focussing on not just if Family By Family creates change for families but how it creates change.

The report's key findings include:

  • Family By Family recruits families in genuine need of support - 62.5% were categorised as ‘stuck’ or ‘in and out of crisis’ and a further 30% as ‘moving on after crisis’.
  • Family By Family improves family interaction and health.
  • Outcomes for families improve over time – 90% said things were ‘better’ or ‘heaps better’.
  • Family By Family’s strongest impact is in factors that are ‘internal to the individual’ – self esteem, believing one’s choices make a difference, and having a positive orientation to the future.

Family By Family is a new model of practice, however the theory behind the practice is well established. Family By Family draws on the literature around family strengths and protective factors. It also builds on the literature of what makes an effective parenting intervention and the best strategies for helping families overcome stress and trauma.


Although the families and Family By Family Coaches travel within the areas to where the families are located:

  • Marion Family By Family is located at Forbes Children's Centre, 80 Thomas Street, South Plympton.
  • Playford Family By Family is located at Parawest Adult Campus, 2 Crafter Street, Davoren Park.

Family By Family is part of an independent organisation that is not political, government or religious.

A referral is not required to participate in Family By Family.

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