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The Value of Advisory Consultation Groups

It’s important that we engage the right people to ensure children of parents with a mental illness get the support they need.

COPMI takes a collaborative approach to ensuring the information we develop and share with individuals, health professionals, community workers and the wider community is credible and useful.

This information is based on research evidence and lived experience, for which we rely on two key advisory groups, plus a number of consultation groups who guide, consult on and assess our work.

National Reference Group

Our National Reference Group advises on the development and delivery of all our information and materials. Members comprise specialists from mental health, academia, community services and policy development and those with lived experience.

Our National Reference Group members also facilitate two-way communication between us and their networks and affiliates.

National Lived Experience Forum

Our National Lived Experience Forum is a working group of people who are either a parent or carer of a child who has a parent with a mental illness, or young adults who are carers for a parent with a mental illness.

This forum keeps us connected to our target audience. It makes sure the materials and information we develop is understood and useful for parents and ultimately their children where a parent is living with a mental illness.  Representative of the National Family Forum also sit on the National Reference Group.

We are always keen to hear from parents (or partners of someone) with a mental illness or their carers to help us in a variety of ways. See our Get Involved section of the website for more information.

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